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Sport compacts

Nissan Skyline R32, 33, 34GTR
Toyota Supra 1993-1999
Subaru WRX (and Sti) 2002-2004
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XII, XI, and X
Mitsubishi GSX
Maxda RX-7
Acura Integra GS-R
Honda Civic Type-R
Acura RSX
Toyota Celica All-Trac/GT-4 
Peugeot 306

This is supposed to be about me, but that's what the myspace page is for. On this site, the cars are center stage.


Live for curves.

If there's any one phrase that can describe me as a driver, that's it. I live for curves, corners, banks, hills etc. Curves and corners are as exiting as they are variable. There's an infinite amount of curves in corners in this world. Nothing in life is accomplished in linear fashion, driving is no different

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